Behind the scenes

Back in 2016, when Irina began her quest for a perfect backpack that would eventually become Akula, she thought she was trying to find one for herself.

She wasn't.

Shortly after Irina met Sanya Sagar, whose talented works caught her eyes. Strongly inspired by Akula's concept, it took Sanya just a few hours to capture the beauty and passion of the manufacturing process in the short video (check "Care in each step").

Couple of weeks later on a hazy London morning we got together to create the first Akula's video.

 Click. Click. Click.

Handsome Stephen Walker

Beautiful Victoria Bucci

Talented camera man Aadhar  


Thanks to David Hooton for capturing these moments.

We are grateful to work with these incredible people and even more grateful to think that this is just the beginning of our amazing journey.

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