Our story

Simple Design for a Better Life

When Irina went in search of a stylish leather backpack she couldn't find exactly what she was looking for... so she decided to design and create one herself. She accepted the challenge by combining her business acumen and artistic flair to fill this gap in the market. Akula, Russian for 'shark', is the result.
Practical and minimalist in form, Akula backpacks reflect our high regard for the principles of contemporary London design.
The bags are produced and designed in London using the finest Italian leather and Swiss zips with an emphasis on quality at an affordable price range.
So who are the quintessential Akula customers? Smart city professionals in need of an alternative to a stuffy briefcase as well as busy, image conscious commuters who appreciate 'hands free' bag. Anyone who stands aloof from logo laden items in favour of subtlety & quiet sophistication. Our customers are explorers who want to be different and stylish. 
That's why we create purposeful, high quality products that are build to last. Our backpacks, with their clean lines and supple materials, are made with everyday needs in mind.
Just like sharks are moving through the oceans - Akula backpacks are always on the go and moving through the city.